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Cash was a type of coin of China and East Asia from the 4th century BC until the 20th century AD. Originally cast during the Warring States period these coins continued to be used for the entirety of Imperial China as well as under Mongoland Manchu rulethe last Chinese cash coins were cast in the first year of the Republic of China.

Generally most cash coins were made from copper or bronze copper cash slot machine with ironleadand zinc coins occasionally appearing on a more uncommon basis throughout Chinese history, with rare silverand gold please click for source coins appearing as well.

During most of their production cash coins were cast but during the late Qing dynasty machine-struck cash coins began to be made. Currencies based on the Chinese cash coins include the Japanese monKorean munRyukyuan monand Vietnamese văn.

The English term "cash" referring to the coin was derived from the Tamil kāsu, a South Indian monetary unit. The English word "cash", meaning "tangible currency", is an older and unrelated word from Middle French caisse.

There are a variety of Chinese terms for cash coins, usually descriptive and most commonly including the character qian Chinese: Confusingly, Chinese qián is pathophysiology best bets saturday racing and a weight-derived currency denomination in Chinese called mace in English.

Traditionally, Chinese cash coins were cast in copperbrass or iron. In the midth century, the coins were made of 3 parts copper and 2 parts lead. Cast gold coins are also known to exist but are extremely rare. During the Zhou dynasty period the method for casting coins copper cash slot machine of first carving the individual characters of a coin together with its general outline into a mould made of either soapstone or clay.

As this was done without using a prior model early Chinese coinage tends to copper cash slot machine very diverse, even from the same series of coins as these all were cast from different and unrelated moulds bearing the same inscriptions. During the Han dynasty to create more consistency in the circulating coinage master moulds made of bronze were manufactured just click for source which other moulds would be derived.

The casting of coins now happened in sand moulds prepared with fine wet sand fitted in rectangles made from pear woodand small amounts of coal and charcoal dust would be used to refine the process acting as a flux.

The mother coins were placed on the sand, and another pear wood frame would be placed upon the mother coin, then the metal copper cash slot machine flow in on a separately made entrance opened through placing a rod in the mould.

After this process the coins would be strung together and brought into circulation. A single ancestor coin would be used for tens of thousands of mother coins which would each also be used copper cash slot machine manufacture tens of thousands of cash coins. During the late Qing dynasty under the reign of the Guangxu Emperor in the mid 19th century the first machine-stuck cash coins were produced, from a machine operated mint in GuangzhouGuangdong province opened where the majority of the machine-struck cash would be produced.

Machine-made cash coins tend to be made from brass rather than from more pure copper as cast coins often were, and later the copper content of the alloy decreased while cheaper metals like lead and tin were used in larger quantities giving the coins a yellowish tint.

Another effect of the contemporary copper shortages was that the Qing government started importing Korean 5 fun coins and overstruck them with "10 cash". Chinese cash coins originated from the barter of farming tools and agricultural surpluses. These tokens came to be used as media of exchange themselves and were known as spade money and knife money.

As standard circular coins were developed following the unification of China by Qin Shi Huangthe most common formation was the round-shaped copper coin with a square or circular hole in the center, the prototypical cash. The hole enabled the coins to be strung together to create higher denominations, copper cash slot machine was frequently done due to the coin's low copper cash slot machine. The number of coins in a string of cash Chinese: A string of cash was supposed to be equal in value to one tael of pure silver.

Local custom allowed the person who put the string together to take a cash or a few from each hundred for his effort one, two, three or even four in some places. Thus copper cash slot machine ounce of silver could exchange for in one city and in the next.

In some places in the North of China short of currency the custom counted one cash as two and fewer than cash would be exchanged for an ounce of silver. A string of cash weighed over ten pounds and was generally carried over the shoulder.

See Hosea Morse's "Trade and Administration of the Chinese Empire" p. Paper money equivalents known as flying cash sometimes showed pictures of the appropriate number of cash coins strung together.

The Koreans[11] Japanese[12] Ryukyuans[13] and Vietnamese [14] [15] all cast their own copper cash in the latter part of the second millennium similar to those used by China. The last Chinese cash coins were struck, not cast, in the reign of the Qing Xuantong Emperor shortly before the fall of the Empire in Vietnamese cash continued to be cast up until During the early Republican era a few more cash coins were locally produced until they were finally phased out copper cash slot machine favour of the new yuan.

Trial coins with Fujian Sheng Copper cash slot machine Chinese: The earliest standard denominations of cash coins were theoretically based on the weight of the coin and were as follows:. The most common denominations were the ½ tael Chinese: In ADa new system of weights came into effect with the zhū being replaced by the mace qián with 10 mace equal to one tael.

The mace denominations were so ubiquitous that the Chinese word qián came to be used as the generic word for money. A great majority of cash coins had no copper cash slot machine specifically designated but instead carried the issuing emperor's era name copper cash slot machine a phrases such as tongbao Chinese: Coins of the Qing Dynasty — generally carried the era name of the emperor and tongbao on the obverse and the mint location where the coins were cast in Manchu and Chinese on the reverse.

In Imperial China cash coins were used for fortune-tellingthis would be done by first lighting incense to the effigy of a Chinese deityand then placing 3 cash coins into a tortoise shell. The process involved the fortune teller counting how many is safe online bet lay copper cash slot machine their obverse or reverse sides, and how these coins scratched the shell, this process was repeated 3 times.

Contemporary Chinese intelligentsia found the usage of cash coins for fortune-telling to be superior than any other methods. Though in general any cash coin could be used in traditional Chinese medicine but the Kai Yuan Tong Bao was most preferred, and preferences were given for some specific coins for certain ailments E. Http:// coins are featured on the logos of copper cash slot machine Bank of Chinaand the China Construction Bank.

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For other uses, see Chinese cash disambiguation. Replicas of various ancient to 19th century cast cash coins in various metals found in China, Korea and Japan. Zhou dynasty coinageAncient Copper cash slot machine coinageBan LiangLiao dynasty coinageSouthern Song dynasty coinageWestern Xia coinageJin dynasty coinage —Yuan dynasty coinageMing dynasty coinageand Qing dynasty coinage. Retrieved 6 July Retrieved 29 June Retrieved 1 July Series Chinese Provinces that issued machine struck coins, from s to s.

Revised and edited by Virgil Hancock. Money in History and Society Long River Press, Chang Joowon The Korean Herald — English Edition.

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In Traditional Chinese Copper cash slot machine, what is Coining? Lan Pich Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Retrieved 22 July more info History of Chinese currency Ancient Chinese coinage Zhou dynasty coinage Liao dynasty Southern Song dynasty coinage Western Xia coinage Jin dynasty coinage — Da Qi coinage Yuan dynasty coinage Ming dynasty coinage Qing dynasty coinage.

Historical money of Tibet Manchukuo yuan Xinjiang coins. Coins Knife money Ying Yuan Spade money Ban Liang Flying cash Jiaozi Huizi Chao Yansheng. Cash wén Candareen fēn Mace qián Tael liǎng Yuan. Hong Kong dollar Macanese pataca. Economy of China Economy of Taiwan. Chinese Wén Japanese mon Korean mun Ryukyuan mon Vietnamese văn.

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Transcriptions Standard Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin fāng kǒng qián. Transcriptions Standard Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin tóng qián or tóng bì.

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