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Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results games on gaming lounge threads. Gaming Lounge for Xbox Discussion in ' Xbox Lobby ' started by whatsthisFeb 7, Would you pay to play at a gaming lounge with reasonable rates?

Poll closed Mar 7, Feb 7, Messages: Feb 7, 1. Feb 7, 2. Last edited by game-leperFeb 7, ResoRai and whatsthis like this.

Feb 7, 3. I'm working visit web page a partner on something like this. With a gaming look beyond Videogames Yu-Gi-Oh, Tabletop. Hope you're not planning this in NYC. SchNerdFeb 7, Feb 7, 4. Feb 7, 5. Feb 7, 6. Feb 7, 7. I don't see how something like this could work without a direct sponsor from either Microsoft or some other wealthy partner.

There just wouldn't be enough of games on gaming lounge return to keep up with rent, utilities, labour and more. Could it be part of something sure? With maybe two or three TV screens hooked upto XB1s in the corner of a sports bar.

I can't really see it working otherwise. And I would never even pay to game in a lounge. I rather prefer gaming games on gaming lounge my couch in my living room in front of my TV in my own home. Feb 7, 8. Feb 7, 9. Just click for source 7, You'd really need to have 2 or 3 tournaments a week for me to see it working. Years ago, LAN cafes did ok because online gaming wasn't what it is now, and it allowed people a larger multiplayer experience than they could get at home with split screen.

Now days though, something like that would only appeal to dedicated gamers and most dedicated gamers have their own systems at home being able to do pretty anything they could do at the lounge, for free. Now, what could and does in some examples work, is a gaming bar. They are starting to pop up around Australia, here's a couple of links to articles about what I'm talking about: Maybe charge a dollar more a drink than other places, and people will still come.

Because they get something they can't get at games on gaming lounge. A nightclub experience with the option to game. You could still run tournaments, though I'd games on gaming lounge maybe one a week on a Saturday or Sunday daytime, so you games on gaming lounge get some day drinkers as well as gamers.

Honestly if I had the money to invest and reload didn't beat me to oregon indian casinos map I'd do it.

Maybe have Chiptune DJs every so often to keep with the gaming theme. StrayFeb 7, Also, with the club idea, I wouldn't charge a cover charge, unless it's for an event DJ wise people would pay for in any other club. I'd obviously also have function fees, and if you managed to score sponsored tournaments for things like Street Fighter then you could maybe charge spectator fees.

The money will come from the slightly inflated drink prices for the most part. Thanks for the input guys. I would probably agree games on gaming lounge the bar bringing in more cash, however it would no longer be high school friendly establishment. The used game shop is not a bad idea. Maybe you could trade playing time for used games? Think of this too: You need to think about the running costs though.

You then have staff costs, high electricity costs, lease costs, maintenance and constantly have to 2015 fireworks casino multiple copies of the newest games. Then after ALL that, you need games on gaming lounge profit. My son had his Birthday party at an arcade the other day, and at any point games on gaming lounge time there would have been people max. I really betting site the idea as a customer, I'd probably pop in myself once or twice a year, and maybe have my games on gaming lounge parties there instead of the arcade, but as a business model I honestly don't think it's that profitable.

MAYBE if the food made massive turnover you games on gaming lounge do a bit better than break even, but is the time involved, allowing for the fact you couldn't work a regular job timewise so this would be the entirety of your income, be worth the high risk for lower reward business model?

Licensing and royalties play a big factor in something like this. I work in a casino and different machines and tables all have licensing fees. PlasticPassionsFeb 7, Also I think you're failing to think of many problems in your business plan. Why would people pay to be inside when support chat betway can't games on gaming lounge to play.

You don't really want them changing or even having access to discs. Games on gaming lounge Live is pretty key. I could go on but I think you get my point. Feb 8, PlasticPassionsFeb 8, Plus there's whole sections on "Public performance" and "Public display" which grants the power to the copywright holder. People always forget that 'buying' a game, consists of purchasing a license to use it under specific conditions that consist of regular use.

Thus, it would be a violation of the public performance right games on gaming lounge a motion picture to rent a video and to show it in a public park or theater without obtaining a license from the copyright holder. In contrast, the performance of the video on a home TV where friends and family are gathered would not be considered a games on gaming lounge performance and would not be prohibited under the Copyright Act.

Last edited by PlasticPassionsFeb 8, Here is another problem Most of the unwashed masses are disgusting assholes. So, how do you keep the controllers clean? What about the headphones?

I dunno, I can't see this working as a business. Maybe if it was not the focus. Last edited by isturbo1Feb 8, But if this place would have hot gamer games on gaming lounge girls Acehigh79Feb 8, SchNerdFeb 8, No, I play games at home. DevilDawgFeb 8, One of the biggest problems I see first casino this type of thing are the controllers. Someone already mentioned about the cleanliness which is the least of it.

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